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Puppetry Plus is a one-stop-shop for anyone that’s interested in: becoming a puppeteer, learning how to make professional puppets, hiring puppet shows, birthday parties, weddings, renting puppets and anything else puppet & puppetry related. 


Former Puppet School co-founder and CEO Roberto Ferreira is at the helm of this fun and entertaining experiment. “My goal is to provide the best knowledge possible, within the modern realm of the puppetry market demands and requirements, to future professionals and puppetry lovers. 

Here is what Roberto has done with puppetry since 2010:

  • from avid puppetry student to teaching;

  • helped thousands of puppetry aficionados to start following their dreams;

  • guided and assessed the achievements students that are in the autism spectrum have made utilizing puppetry ;

  • wrote and directed an original musical (It’s a Monster World – 2010);

  • wrote and directed 3 graduation shows for Puppet School

    • Puppet Jukebox- 2011;

    • Puppet Jukebox II - The Return of the Gaga – 2012 and

    • I’m a Broadway Puppet – 2013;

  • wrote and directed "The Adventures of Leedo and Booey Live! - 2014

  • wrote and directed "The Game Show" for Safe Kids Fundraising Event - 2014

  • wrote and directed "Tarzana's Trouble" - the first Puppet Soap-Opera - 2013 - 2015

  • wrote and directed "Last Day at Puppet School" - 2015

  • directed and edited hundreds of short films and music videos with puppets;

  • built hundreds of puppets;

  • created costumes for puppets;

  • helped hiring puppeteers for gigs;

  • birthday parties, weddings and other live performances;

  • wrote and directed "WORD: A Puppet Show" for Puppetry Plus in 2018

Writer, Director and Puppeteer Roberto Ferreira - 2017

Roberto Ferreira

Professional Puppet Building Students

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