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Roberto has an extensive background in the arts and entertainment. As a young man in Brazil, he began his career as a professional dancer/actor/singer and then began to direct movies and theater. He had the rare opportunity of working with director John Boorman on the feature film, "The Emerald Forest".


In 1996, Roberto moved to the U.S. where he worked for many years as a web designer. In 2006, Roberto found his way to Los Angeles where he launched WebCre8tive, his own Web Design Company, which created web commercials for a versatile client base.


In 2009, Roberto enrolled in the Directing Certificate Program at UCLA where he is perfecting his focus on all his creative energy that he carries with him.


In 2010, Roberto, in association with Michael Earl, co-created and was the CEO of Puppet School, where they had a very successful run till Michael was diagnosed with colon cancer and no longer could teach. “As I saw myself running a puppetry business, I asked: what about your filmmaking career?” says Roberto. That combined with Michael’s disease, in July 2015, Puppet School had its final bow. Right after the closing of Puppet School, Roberto opened Cre8tive Space – a film production company that is growing consistently since then.

Roberto continues: “And here we are, at the end of 2017, almost three years after Puppet School closed and there’s no one single day that I don’t receive an email or a phone call with a request for puppetry classes. That’s why I decided to review all the knowledge I acquired through these years, to convey all of it and start a new venture from scratch, with my signature, to help form future professionals the way I think the market demands and its requirements”.


The result is Puppetry Plus.

Here is what Roberto has done with puppetry since 2010:

  • from avid puppetry student to teaching;

  • helped thousands of puppetry aficionados to start following their dreams;

  • guided and assessed the achievements students that are in the autism spectrum have made utilizing puppetry ;

  • wrote and directed an original musical (It’s a Monster World – 2010);

  • wrote and directed 3 graduation shows for Puppet School

    • Puppet Jukebox- 2011;

    • Puppet Jukebox II - The Return of the Gaga – 2012 and

    • I’m a Broadway Puppet – 2013;

  • wrote and directed "The Adventures of Leedo and Booey Live! - 2014

  • wrote and directed "The Game Show" for Safe Kids Fundraising Event - 2014

  • wrote and directed "Tarzana's Trouble" - the first Puppet Soap-Opera - 2013 - 2015

  • wrote and directed "Last Day at Puppet School" - 2015

  • directed and edited hundreds of short films and music videos with puppets;

  • built hundreds of puppets;

  • created costumes for puppets;

  • helped hiring puppeteers for gigs;

  • birthday parties, weddings and other live performances.

Writer, Director and Puppeteer Roberto Ferreira - 2017

Selfie by Roberto Ferreira

Professional Puppet Building Students

Background photo by Brian Doben