Word from the wonderful people that have been in class with us  

    I attended the One-Day Puppet Making Workshop Last Saturday...

... and now I can say it was easily one of the most amazing and memorable experiences I’ve ever had.


The class took place in an art studio (Blue Five Art Space) filled with inspiration all around and Muppet and Avenue Q music filled the air as well as Roberto’s funny comments here and there. The commaraderie was great too. The class was a mix of all ages and puppetry brought us all together with a common interest making us instant friends.


If there is any place that exists where life can be created from nothing it was there, in that room, and I really felt that happen with my puppet. I still have a lot to learn as far as how to puppeteer, but I’m confident that I will learn everything I will need here.


Da Vinci once said “When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” I think that quote can be applied here.


Falling in love with someone or something often happens when you least expect it and it changes your perspective forever and that is what happened for me in my first puppet building class.


If you like arts and crafts, puppetry, or are looking for something unique to try, I highly recommend taking this class. Who knows, you might just fall in love, like I did.


Lynden V -  Los Angeles.

Writer, Director and Puppeteer Roberto Ferreira - 2017

    had such a beautiful experience at the Puppetry Plus workshop and came home with a lifelong friend.


Roberto was so welcoming and gave clear emails for details and instructions from the very first time I signed on. I had no idea what I was in store for as I walked into the classroom my first time making a puppet.


My flight arrived late and I was so happy to find he had already made the class and the participants such a warm welcoming community. They easily and quickly caught me up, sewing and gluing. My favorite part was that I didn't expect it but the class conquered my fear of the sewing machine, it felt like no pressure as Roberto showed me and a group how to sew our puppets. The materials were beautiful, the class was fun, the lunch was cheap and close, and I cannot wait to get back for the next class.


My two-year-old daughter has also gone crazy over our new puppet, and requests to play with letters with "Fuzzy" nightly, and I think I just unintentionally became a full time puppeteer ;o) 


Joi M -  Oakland.

Writer, Director and Puppeteer Roberto Ferreira - 2017

    It's sappy, I know, but deal with it.


When we are newly minted humans everything we experience is a transformative moment. We go from thing to thing and grow from thing to thing because each experience is new and there is far more future to excite us than past to mire us. But, eventually our lives become mundane and the transformative moments come farther and fewer between, until, somehow each moment is just another in a long line.


If we are supremely lucky we can and do find moments as adults that shape how we move forward. The last two weeks have been that for me. By taking a couple of simple classes in the dog days of my middle-aged years I have been reawakened to who I was at one time, and who I can be moving forward. 

Thank you Roberto for creating this moment for me.


Ben B -  New York.

Writer, Director and Puppeteer Roberto Ferreira - 2017

    Puppetry Plus and Roberto's puppetry classes are amazing!


I took my entire family for a private lesson with Roberto. He makes it fun and everyone left the lesson having learned so much. We immediately signed up for a Puppet Building class as well. I highly recommend this to anyone who has a passion for puppetry and is looking for a way to learn from a skilled teacher.


Nick L -  Los Angeles.

Writer, Director and Puppeteer Roberto Ferreira - 2017

    Thank you Roberto!


You were such a huge inspiration for my film, The Cuck. You gave me so much of your time and knowledge and simply couldn't have done it without you. I can't wait to work with you again in the future!


David H -  Los Angeles.