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Forget telling us how to get to Sesame Street, how do we work on it?  TV and Film puppeteers are the talented performers who live just out of frame, and manipulate the puppet stars while monitoring their performance live on a monitor, usually a TV screen.

Our workshops are perfect for both professional actors looking to expand their talents, non-actors with a passion for talking with their hands and voice-over actors that want to materialize the voices they created. Owning a puppet is not a requirement, but recommended for practicing at home.

Our Program:

Beginning - In this 6-week course, you'll learn the basics of lip-sync, eye focus, and breathing, and through music, simple choreography, and improvisation, you'll discover how to bring a puppet to life on screen. Expand your acting skills while learning how to operate a rod-arm puppet with confidence.

Intermediate - Prerequisite: Beginning Workshop (Puppetry Plus / Puppet School) or equivalent in private instruction. 

With the basics under your belt, you'll go further in-depth into character creation, staging your own musical numbers, and working with a script. More choreography! More characterization! More rod work! Plus an introduction into live-hand puppets. And everyone gets a DVD copy of their work shot at the end of the 6th session.

Advanced - Prerequisite: Both Beginning and Intermediate workshops (Puppetry Plus / Puppet School) or equivalent in private instruction.

Get a taste of life as a real-world puppeteer as you and your classmates rehearse an original scripted webseries, culminating in filming your scenes on the final day of this 6-week class. Develop characters through improv and other exercises, and then perform your lines with a script taped to the monitors, just like the pros! You'll receive the DVD of the edited series, perfect footage to start your puppeteer's reel.