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Puppeteers (from left to right): Kat O'Connor, Marc Fusco, Victoria Williams and Moti Buchboot. 

WORD:A Puppet Show
Created and Directed by Roberto Ferreira

Saturday, November 17 - 7 PM

Sunday, November 18 - 2 PM (Matinee)

Sunday, November 18 - 7 PM

Davidson/Valentini Theater

1125 N McCadden Pl, Hollywood - 90038

What would happen if your entire vocabulary was reduced to one word or a single sentence?  How would you communicate and what word would be yours?

Six years after writing and directing original musicals for puppetry (“It’s a Monster World (2010)”, “Puppet Jukebox (2011)”, “Puppet Jukebox II -The Return of the Gaga (2011)” and “I’m a Broadway Puppet (2012)”) Writer and Director Roberto Ferreira is back in Hollywood with his new original Musical “Word: A Puppet Show”


In this imaginary universe, each person communicates using only one word, or a single sentence, to project their personalities, goals in life and how they approach daily challenges.  Both funny and poignant, WORD examines the art of communication and universal feelings.


The show, part of the Puppetry Plus graduation program, showcases 4 main puppeteers, 6 puppeteer supporters and a myriad of puppets.  WORD is a reflection on the human experience through the art and delight of puppetry and music.


The show premieres on Saturday, November 17th at the Davidson/Valentini Theater in Hollywood. 


Excitement and intrigue suitable for 6 to 106.

** Please consider donating ticket(s) to clients of the Los Angeles LGBT Center - Youth Services. They are homeless lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning young people (ages 12 - 24) without a home.

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